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The VTX-1 doesn’t just make small improvements, it changes the way CTCs can be isolated.

  • ~60-70% CTC Recovery
  • Best in class CTC purity
  • Collected CTCs are unlabeled, intact and viable


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Step 1

Attach a blood tube to the VTX-1

Step 2

Enter basic sample information and hit Go

Step 3

Return in <1 hour to retrieve highly purified CTCs

The Best CTC Sample is Now at Your Fingertips

The VTX-1 offers a simple, straightforward workflow with a highly repeatable recovery of intact, undamaged circulating tumor cells. See how easy it is to get the best available CTC isolation and collection from your patient samples.

Designed to Advance Cancer Research

Find More

CTCs are rare cells, so a cell recovery of > 70% means finding CTCs in a higher number in more patients. See our poster on Prostate Cancer to learn more.

Higher Purity Means
Improved Sequencing

Typically <100 WBCs/mL of blood processed are captured resulting in more sensitive assays. See our sequencing application note to learn more.

Intact and
Viable CTCs

CTCs captured are minimally affected by the isolation process. See our application note on Mouse Models where you can see intact CTC clusters to learn more.

Capture CTCs
Without Labels

CTCs are captured based on their size and deformability, meaning capture is not biased by molecular characteristics. See our technology overview to learn more.

CTCs in <1 Hour With NO

Faster CTC capture means higher throughput and cellular expression levels are less likely to change. See our VTX-1 Product Brochure to learn more.

Flexibility to
Meet Your Needs

With the ability to process 0.2 mL mouse samples and 16 mL patient samples on the same instrument, the VTX-1 was designed for cancer research. See our application notes to see the range of assays supported.

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